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In Which I Attempt To Give A Poor Excuse For Not Writing

...I can't write. I have no time. I have nothing to write about.

Already I can hear some of you telling me none of these are true. And yes, time has to be made, and there are many things to write about, and if I'm honest with myself, I don't write so badly as to give up writing completely. However I have been finding it rather difficult to write recently, especially with work. One big problem is that I have a deadline, the end of June, to write enough words to fill a small book. Any words. I was going to mix and match non-fiction as well as fiction, but I am very rusty on the fiction. My childish aspirations of becoming a writer fade away more and more with the passing of time. I also tend to have random moments of intense creativity, in the sense that I suddenly want to make 101 things all at once. (So none get finished.) I then have moments where I just want to sleep and do nothing at all, and I have long discussions with myself about why I am useless at art and writing,…