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Not Otter Nonsense

Good day to all! (It's actually nearly 1 am here, but oh well.) I was doodling a lot yesterday, trying to get the perfect drawing (still haven't found it!) and finally felt comfortable enough to use my watercolours. This is an otter!  And it represents me! Isn't that just adorable? Unless you hate otters, in which case.. Sorry? I'm not really an otter, if that helps? (Do you like tigers?)

Uh, but Kerridwen!! I hear you exclaim. Your blog is called The Tiger's Sterne! Explain please?

Yes, yes I shall. You see, I have quite an unusual name. This name has a rather long meaning behind it,  it's all Welsh legends and stories - often with the name being spelt 'Ceridwen'. Well, in pretty much all version of the stories,  Ceridwen gets a bit annoyed with someone and chases him, at one point turning herself into an otter. Voila.

Here's the wiki entry on Ceridwen if you want a better explanation.

My kingdom for a horse..?

I hope to update the blog in the upcoming week. In the meantime, here's a horse, playing what I hope looks like a banjo. Enjoy!

Poetry For The Homesick

So it's already a week since I wrote my last NaPoWriMo poem, and I'm already relapsing back into, well.. nothing! I will try working on my poems but I do need a bit of time to read them with a fresh mind. I do not, however, want to let this blog become silent again! So tonight I have a poem for you. Not a poetry challenge one, just a regular poem.

Poetry For The Homesick Love Song of a City I Hate Ireland was a welcome breath After months of stifled air all around. The river was my water and the Irish sun stretched my roots. The dark side to this growth Was a previously unknown side effect. Not advertised on the mountains.
After three days of life The return was unavoidable. Then the problems start - allergies. A side effect of Wicklow,  the river Liffey and Irish air.
I was allergic to you. My love, my life. We've had our problems, I've Loved and hated you, But I can't see me living without You.
And now, now I cannot stand this This staleness, this asphyxiation. You…

#24 - Sleep Pyramid

My attempt at an ethere.. Sleep eludes me mostly because I don't go to bed at regular times.. oops.. --
Sleep Eludes me More, these days. My dreams last longer When the morning arrives, fast. Suddenly I am comfortable and cosy, Now I really could sleep for hours! Alas! My alarm clock simply does not agree. I moan and sigh and toss and turn, groggily. "I should go to bed earlier!" I promise and fail.