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Storm of Century or Storm of Ideas?

A huge storm is headed this way, it seems. It hasn't arrived yet, and has already been described as the 'storm of the century'.

The wind has been rather strong today, already. And I've been staying at home, thinking about how much I want to write, without knowing what to write about. Now and then I looked out the open window to observe the surroundings. A branch fell off our tree. The wind blew in my face but it wasn't cold. In a way, it was all rather exciting. There's something rather awe-inspiring about strong winds.. Without the damage, of course - but observing the effects on nature is interesting.

I've been wanting to write some poetry, but I'm not finding a lot of time for editing - editing poetry is definitely not an easy task for me, so you could say I'm avoiding it..

I've been toying with another idea I had - writing a short instalment of a story once a fortnight, maybe once a month, depending on how busy I am. I've already startin…

Colouring a Friday Evening - Postcard Gallery

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." -Pablo Picasso

Postcards now available for purchase.

We're All In The Same Boat - National Poetry Day Pickings

National Poetry Day is nearly over already. The theme this year was 'water', and I have shared a couple of watery poems on my page, and will now share some more here.
I hope you all had fun today - possibly some of you attended poetry events. I didn't go anywhere this year, but I still had some poetry fun at home. Without further ado, here are the poems I picked:

First in line is Seamus Heaney's Storm On The Island.
A very watery poem, but hold on to your hats - it's no breezy sailing.. (ha..ha..)

Next up is Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussy-cat.
I'm very serious. It's a water poem (well, all right, not all of it...), but it is fun.

And finally, T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land
There is a lot of water in there! In part 'III. The Fire Sermon', there are quite a few lines about the Thames - oh, I love the Thames! 

I wish I could have picked more poems, but oh, I don't know enough watery ones! I will make more of an effort, I promise. I did h…