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Poetry Wins The Round (Again)

Hello all!!

A few days ago I read a blog post about the rondel poem. I thought I'd give it a try, and today is the day I have done so! Keeping to a poetic form doesn't seem to come easy to me, but I tried anyway. It was meant to be a rather silly, fun poem (read: badly written.. ), but it doesn't come off as funny. Just not very good, and so poetry wins the round again! But I will post it anyway for your amusement, heh heh. Laugh at the cheesiness of it all, my dear readers! But remember: One cannot improve if one does not practice..

Hidden Paths

Don't linger too long on main roads; Hidden paths hide the best secrets. With just a notebook in your pocket Veer away from your postal code.
Write journey notes in secret code Take a photo of a turret Hidden paths hide the best secrets- Don't linger too long on main roads.
Enjoy nature's gifts bestowed Catch a glimpse of running ferrets. Get rid of all your past regrets! Switch into adventure mode: Don't linger to…

The Radish That Spoke Finnish

© Kerridwen - Please do not repost or use without permission
As promised, here is the first page of my book! Well, to clarify, this is a first draft of a first page of what might become a little book I might do just for fun.. So there it is, the radish that speaks Finnish.. I do like the idea so I might work out a painting schedule.. This was done in acrylics and ideally I'd like to work in watercolour, so I'll have to stock up. In the final draft I plan to have more space for words and I'll put the translation at the bottom of the page or something.
I won't say anymore yet, but stay tuned for more pages and sneak peeks!

Silent Blogs Are So Last Year

Well, here it is: 2013. Another new year.. Nothing changes on new year's day, according to U2. Today has been no different to yesterday, actually, except that if I were to write the date somewhere, I'd have to add a 3 and not a 2. I am pretty sure I will make the mistake in the next few days, and write 2012. Anyway, here we are in 2013, and I'm not too pleased. This is because I don't really like the look of the number, or how it sounds. (I'm a bit weird that way.) Honestly, try and say it out loud. Twenty-Twelve sounded so cool, it had a ring to it that Twenty-Thirteen does not, don't you think? Oh bother, I guess I have a year to get used to it.

This year I hope to write more often. Regularly. And though I don't see a new year as a 'new start' as such, because it's not like anything gets erased, you know? Well I still want to have some sort of 'new' in my life, because after a full rotation around the sun, I guess one's brain just …