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Burgess Park

Sitting On A Bench In The Park On A Sunny Day
A book in my hand, I observed the geese Ambling over to me by the bench, Hissing. A row of pointed teeth.
Sprays of water shooting  up Glittering drops falling on sensible ducks. They cut the water as they swim.
A man sat on the bench next to me - in his hand a notebook. "Do you come here often?" he asks. I question my instinct.
Ravens caw loudly above, a whole crew of them circling the area. Black against the yellow sun. I look like a foreigner, an artist.
It is the man, he has said so. My metal badges clink as I retrieve a pen from my bag, my metal badges are my foreigner's label

Canvas City

Day four of NaPoWriMo! I used the prompt today - at least I tried! My poem is probably not that mysterious... ;)

Canvas City
Past the train tracks Disused buildings in grey Used at dusk.
Worn clothes as our uniform, dust mask, a bandanna in black.
A clattering of containers and a click of lid removed
Chase that grey away, art warriors of the night!

Ceramic Painting

Oh, day three - I still feel so rusty from such a long absence - I realised I did not even participate in NaPo last year! I am not even sure why... In any case, today's poem is a serious flop. But I said I'd write a poem a day. I didn't say I'd write a good one every day.. 

Ceramic Painting
As the sun shines hot and bright Music to my ears is the sound of ceramic tiles pushed into a scattered pile waiting for a colour treatment

Poetry Body Electric

Day 2 - did not use the NaPoWriMo prompt, but was inspired by an image brought to mind after listening to a song. Short poem for today.
Electric crackle through the soul Dusty shafts in gloomy rooms The needle drops, commence the sound Whirring, purring, round and around.

National Poem Writing Month

Hello folks!

It's April, which means one thing! POEMS!! I'm back for another edition of NaPoWriMo, and this year I am so going to get that poem a day! I'm starting things off with a short and sweet haibun, courtesy of yesterday's early bird prompt on the NaPoWriMo blog. A quick and simple poem to easy myself into the challenge.

Day 1 - Haibun
The sun peeps tentatively through the clouds, early morning teacup on the edge of the counter. Skin smelling of olives. The day bursts with promise, but off to work they go.
Birds chirp at the breeze April around the corner Promise of freedom

Silence of the Iambs

What's that echoing sound? Oh, it's just the sound of your footsteps reverberating in my empty blog...

Yes, I know... I have not updated in AGES! It's partly being busy, and partly being lazy... and partly not having much inspiration... Last time I posted I was in Brazil. I have of course been back for quite a while, and I had been meaning to post more but days turned to weeks, to months.. and no posts.

But I am alive! However, this will not be a proper post... Just a sort of "I'm still here" post. I haven't been travelling too much, nor have I been writing much, but in the next few weeks I'm hoping to write my long awaited post on Morocco, and during April I may attempt NaPoWriMo - writing a poem a day all month long.

Well, for now, goodbye - I should be back soon, I promise!