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This Post Is Not About Meeting Tom Hardy

"Somewhere in a parallel universe, I have written a blog post about my amazing evening with Tom Hardy."
Today was fairly typical. I woke up early, spent the next thirty minutes grumbling about the noise downstairs and yelling at my cat to stop going in and out of my room and pushing the door wide open each time, only to get up 5 minutes after everyone had left and the house was silent. Not all of us have the luxury of deep sleep and staying in bed all day. Got dressed. Fed cat. Dragged myself to the station. And so the day crawled along. Sometime later, I had a little time to read the newspaper, and delightfully discovered that there was a film première tonight, Tom Hardy would be there, and if I cut out the ad and took it along, I could enter the VIP fan lounge! (Or something like that.) See, I'd already met Tom Hardy at the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy première, and soon after decided I quite liked him. This was confirmed when I watched TTSS, and again after watching Incept…

Is There A Thinker's Block?

There's the sky above, the ground underneath, and in between? A million thoughts swimming around. Yet, even with all of that, I can't think of what to write about. I tend to over-think, I analyse, philosophise.. When I say analyse, I don't mean mathematically, scientifically.. A lot of the time it's much more about emotions and reactions, meanings and relationships and everything that links them.. Consequently it can be rather tiring, and not necessarily conclusive. Questions with no real answers. Sometimes it's not even questions I ask myself, I just think, it's a little difficult to explain, I don't necessarily do it knowingly.

With all these millions of fluttering thoughts and ideas generated constantly, combined with my love for writing, I often feel I want to get things down on paper. Or a computer screen. The funny thing is I sometimes have that insatiable desire to write, it's almost physical, but then I sit down to write and I just have no ide…