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Procrastination and Popcorn

Let's face it, I am terrible at updating blogs. I am quite good at coming up with excuses, though, such as work. Ah, work! I think it secretly is a practical exam. To test endurance and patience. How many popcorn boxes can you pick up before you want to ram one down the next customer's throat? And the still full drinks that manage to slip from your grasp and spill all over the carpeted stairs and your shoes, and the bottom half of your only pair of work pants. The full ice cream tub that spills and gloops all over the place and makes your hands sticky, as you are radioed incessantly about the screen you are cleaning, because customers are waiting and getting very angry because the film is supposed to start in 20 minutes... Which is no better than the customers who come barging in and buy food, then tell you to hurry up for crying out loud* as they are late for their film. And then hurl abuse at you for twenty minutes, even as you give them the food and just want them to pay so…