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Poetry Therapy

Processing Thoughts
It's summer again, but I've been barefooted since February, April, maybe. The natural way of things, trailing dust through the house, washing feet at night just before slipping into bed - wait - open the window Just a tad, to get some air flow. Muggy London doesn't beckon much Perhaps I've been away too long, left a part of me there, missing bits Scattered around the continents, bits of land claimed, names, words Boundaries, creating jagged ravines between one face and another - Two eyes here, two eyes there, one nose, one mouth, the same - Add words, and names - there you have it, there's difference. I'm here but not here - floating halfway up, halfway down - A foot in London, a toe in France - in Canada, half a head. Spain has most of my spine, but my heart is scattered, unwhole. Holey. Phoney. This room strewn with objects. Aloe in a bottle, The Texas mug, full of pens, the wall, covered in postcards and photos, saying, this is my life, t…

Barcelona Art

I recently spent a weekend in Barcelona. It unfortunately rained most of the time, but that didn't stop me from gallivanting around town, sniffing out culture like a young poet, fresh off a night bus from Toulouse... Anyway, more on Barcelona will be coming soon in another post, but for now, it's blog-gallery time!