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Silence of the Iambs

What's that echoing sound? Oh, it's just the sound of your footsteps reverberating in my empty blog...

Yes, I know... I have not updated in AGES! It's partly being busy, and partly being lazy... and partly not having much inspiration... Last time I posted I was in Brazil. I have of course been back for quite a while, and I had been meaning to post more but days turned to weeks, to months.. and no posts.

But I am alive! However, this will not be a proper post... Just a sort of "I'm still here" post. I haven't been travelling too much, nor have I been writing much, but in the next few weeks I'm hoping to write my long awaited post on Morocco, and during April I may attempt NaPoWriMo - writing a poem a day all month long.

Well, for now, goodbye - I should be back soon, I promise!