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Under Your Spell

Mi-Juin et rien - blog vide. Et maintentant, j'ecris en Francais?

Pretentious poetry drips over me.. shin shin to.

I don't even know what this post is about. I can't stop listening to Desire's Under Your Spell thanks to someone.. I'm under my own spell.

Mon esprit a le besoin d'etre ressenti sur papier.. well.. screen.

I'm muddled in languages. Last night I heard muddled Japanese as I tried to fall asleep. Arabic filters through during the day. aaaaaayna al samaka? I hear with the intonation of the teaching program. No one would talk like that, but the words are like a song.

I'd like to think this post is like a complex poem, but it's mostly my rambling thoughts.. hey, that can be art too..

I will go back to normal soon. I have a post about places coming up, and their magnet effect on me... Yes..
places that keep me... under their spell.

Un cercle complet?

Is this what it means to be human?

Taste first with your eyes, then with your heart.

I'm th…