Is There A Thinker's Block?

There's the sky above, the ground underneath, and in between? A million thoughts swimming around. Yet, even with all of that, I can't think of what to write about. I tend to over-think, I analyse, philosophise.. When I say analyse, I don't mean mathematically, scientifically.. A lot of the time it's much more about emotions and reactions, meanings and relationships and everything that links them.. Consequently it can be rather tiring, and not necessarily conclusive. Questions with no real answers. Sometimes it's not even questions I ask myself, I just think, it's a little difficult to explain, I don't necessarily do it knowingly.

With all these millions of fluttering thoughts and ideas generated constantly, combined with my love for writing, I often feel I want to get things down on paper. Or a computer screen. The funny thing is I sometimes have that insatiable desire to write, it's almost physical, but then I sit down to write and I just have no idea what to write about. Obviously I am a little restricted, this is a blog post, not a personal journal. Otherwise I'd very easily ramble on and not make much sense, which I am, it seems, already doing here.

I'm really thinking very hard on what I could write about. I'd rather it be in between a piece of text that sounds like it was written by a half poet who got hit in the head and had a little too much to drink, and random sentences that look as though they were taken from an A-Z and mind-numbingly, atrociously dull. See, why did I have to be so descriptive? Sometimes I annoy even myself... Or is this a half hearted attempt at sounding apologetic?

Excuse me whilst I check my phone, it just buzzed. Perhaps it will be something so incredibly interesting I will have to blog about it.


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