Poetry For The Homesick

So it's already a week since I wrote my last NaPoWriMo poem, and I'm already relapsing back into, well.. nothing! I will try working on my poems but I do need a bit of time to read them with a fresh mind. I do not, however, want to let this blog become silent again! So tonight I have a poem for you. Not a poetry challenge one, just a regular poem.

Poetry For The Homesick
Love Song of a City I Hate

Ireland was a welcome breath
After months of stifled air all around.
The river was my water and the
Irish sun stretched my roots.
The dark side to this growth
Was a previously unknown side effect.
Not advertised on the mountains.

After three days of life
The return was unavoidable.
Then the problems start - allergies.
A side effect of Wicklow, 
the river Liffey and Irish air.

I was allergic to you.
My love, my life.
We've had our problems, I've
Loved and hated you,
But I can't see me living without

And now, now I cannot stand this
This staleness, this asphyxiation.
You never let me grow, you
Never let me live freely.
With you here I am chained to the past.
You bring up past mistakes and
Never let me move forward.

I thought we were happy together
I thought you'd help me become
A better version of myself.
But now it all feels like lies.
You bombard me with gifts
Dinners and love songs.

Until you tear me apart over
Last year's fight.

I don't want to leave you -
I've loved you so long.
But I need my space and
I need a future.

You play me sweet sounds by the river
Melodies of my past melancholies.
Even your music is in the past.

I want to follow the river and see
New things, feel new emotions
But you keep dragging me back
Drowning me.

Please, can we put the past behind
And keep it behind?
I miss your sunny laughter and
Song birds.

Now you're all noise and dust
Crowding and 

It can all be alright
I still hope and believe.
But you must let me breathe.
Lead me to your mountains
So I can fall in love again.


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