Silent Blogs Are So Last Year

Well, here it is: 2013. Another new year.. Nothing changes on new year's day, according to U2. Today has been no different to yesterday, actually, except that if I were to write the date somewhere, I'd have to add a 3 and not a 2. I am pretty sure I will make the mistake in the next few days, and write 2012. Anyway, here we are in 2013, and I'm not too pleased. This is because I don't really like the look of the number, or how it sounds. (I'm a bit weird that way.) Honestly, try and say it out loud. Twenty-Twelve sounded so cool, it had a ring to it that Twenty-Thirteen does not, don't you think? Oh bother, I guess I have a year to get used to it.

This year I hope to write more often. Regularly. And though I don't see a new year as a 'new start' as such, because it's not like anything gets erased, you know? Well I still want to have some sort of 'new' in my life, because after a full rotation around the sun, I guess one's brain just clicks and decides to 'change'. (Till February.. haha.) Seriously, though, even if I prefer my own change and goals to be a year-round thing, there is an appeal to starting something on new year's day if the dates are going to be involved. For example.. blogging! Yes! Now I have a little extra motivation to blog regularly, because I've already made one post since the year started. So far, the statistics would show that I post once a day. Not bad! (I know it won't last, but maybe once a week would be cool..)

OK, so for 2013, my creative goals are to:

-Write more often and regularly
-Write every day for my eyes only
-Paint more
-Make more

I'm obviously on a good start, because I've already painted a picture today. The first picture for my book idea! I will post a picture as soon as it's dry. Bet you'd never heard of a Finnish-speaking radish before!


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