Poetry Wins The Round (Again)

Hello all!!

A few days ago I read a blog post about the rondel poem. I thought I'd give it a try, and today is the day I have done so! Keeping to a poetic form doesn't seem to come easy to me, but I tried anyway. It was meant to be a rather silly, fun poem (read: badly written.. ), but it doesn't come off as funny. Just not very good, and so poetry wins the round again! But I will post it anyway for your amusement, heh heh. Laugh at the cheesiness of it all, my dear readers! But remember: One cannot improve if one does not practice..

Hidden Paths

Don't linger too long on main roads;
Hidden paths hide the best secrets.
With just a notebook in your pocket
Veer away from your postal code.

Write journey notes in secret code
Take a photo of a turret
Hidden paths hide the best secrets-
Don't linger too long on main roads.

Enjoy nature's gifts bestowed
Catch a glimpse of running ferrets.
Get rid of all your past regrets!
Switch into adventure mode:
Don't linger too long on main roads.


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