The Little Prince Inspired Poem

Little Prince by Antoine de St Exupery

From Imaginary Garden's prompt:

"For your word list challenge today, I ask that you write an original poem (or re-work an older pen) in the spirit of the book, using at least 3 of these words, post to Mr. Linky, and then return to visit and comment on all the other posts. I'll be sure to visit periodically in the days to come in case you choose to join later."

The list: primeval, adventures, grown-ups, clad, reputation, ephemeral, flower, lucky, poison, stars, bank, forget, odd, million, reflective, trouble, baobabs, silence, naive, explorer.


"Mon étoile, ça sera pour toi une des étoiles. Alors, toutes les étoiles, tu aimeras les regarder… Elles seront toutes tes amies." - Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



When all else in life fails
Look at the stars
Each and every star
Has a name, never forgotten.
You are worthy of a million stars
Never forget that.

When trouble arises
Count the petals of a flower
And think of me.
Each and every flower nods
Reminding you of beauty
You are not forgotten.

Though distance and time may
Separate you, make you cry
Let the tears shed.
Those fields of wheat
fields of gold, are filled by me.

In the silence of the night
When all hope has left you
All love seems ruptured..
Search deep inside your heart
What is there, no one from you can take.
Guard your heart
Guard your heart
Guard your heart


Disclaimer: These are poems I won't be spending a lot of time on. As such, I don't expect perfection (neither do I need it). However feel free to tell me what you think about them, and if you enjoy certain lines more than others - I'm quite OK with constructive criticism!

Are you participating in NaPo? Do you write poetry? Feel free to comment below and leave a link to your day one poems, and any general comments you wish to leave.


  1. I so love that "what is there no one from you can take"....and the admonition to "guard your heart".

    1. Thank you! True happiness can only come from within. :)

  2. This is so powerfully uplifting...a comfort many can feel lost and forgotten...this is a beautiful write and your closing sentiment...I'm glad it's stated three works.

    Congrats on PAD it's been a great month!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I'm glad I went all in this year! This one was written as much for myself as for others.. Self-loving is good too ;)

  3. What a beautiful uplifting. It cleans the dust from my dreams

  4. I very much like that you included the original quote en Francais about the stars - I could only peck and hunt for meaning in la bell langue, but clearly you know how to dance therein.

    this is a gorgeous admonition - gentle, yet stern, too, especially that close.

    thank you for contributing to the prompt ~ M

    1. Thank you! I find the French version incredibly poetic, and it felt right to use both languages. Glad you liked it!

  5. I especially like the full first stanza.. moving from a simple statement to something intimate and personal.. it can actually work as a poem in itself.

    1. Thanks for your input, I think I prefer that stanza, actually!

  6. I wonder if any stars have names, other than the ones man has assigned them, to tell them apart. It is certainly good advice to guard one's heart - not so easy to do in this world of ours.


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