World Poetry Day

A little friend enjoying the pre-Spring sunshine

I've been meaning to write a post sooner, but it never seems to quite happen... It's either half-baked ideas or none at all, or I somehow discover it's rather late and I've been occupied with classical music, looking at funny photos and writing to people. (Ok, I'm making it sound serious and excusable.. I may also spend time looking at LOLcats too..) But I also spend a great deal of time talking about how I'm going to write a blog post soon. And paint a picture, write more poetry, write my essays.. Well, you know how it goes, you talk about doing things instead of doing them. Or you actively procrastinate. A deadline coming up and you need to finish writing that essay? Now is a great time to start cleaning the house! A presentation to finish for class tomorrow? Let's sort out the clothes in colour piles. (OK, I don't really do that second one. Alright, maybe not the first one either, not the whole house..)

Anyway, this was me trying to put writing there to make it look like a bit of a longer post.. But I thought it'd be a good idea to post, it's World Poetry Day, which is pretty cool. It also happens to technically be the first day of Spring.. I'm sure it came a day early because of Leap Year. (Well, that's M's theory! But it's a good one.) Well today was very sunny, and rather warm. I managed to get outside for a bit and have a wander around the Thames and in a bookshop I often go to, and thought I should read more poetry pretty soon.. Later I remembered what day it was, and thought of which poem I could share. I decided to go with Louis MacNeice's The Sunlight on the Garden, as I'd first come across part of it through a novel. One of the chapters had begun with this quote:

 "We cannot cage the minute
Within its nets of gold"

It stuck to me, and I thought it would be a good poem to share today. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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