Books, Books, Everywhere!!

Hello dear readers!

You may have noticed that a month ago I said I'd write every day for a month. You may then have noticed that I did not. In fact, I only wrote twice in the month. 'Why?' I hear you ask. Well, mostly because I had a lot of boring university work to do instead of dazzling you with my superb *cough cough* blog posts. Also I tend to favour sleeping as my hobby, these recent cold, dark days. But most excitingly, I have been working on a new (fiction) book! Hurrah! It probably will only come out in 2014 if I keep working on it, but next year I plan to self-publish my first ever children's book, which I will be working on the next few weeks/months. I can't tell you too much about it yet, but I will be posting one or two excerpts towards the end of December. It's all very exciting, you'll have to believe me on that one..

Now, very recently (yesterday), one of my friends casually mentioned the e-book she'd published. Once I'd gotten over my outrage at having been left untold for so long, I was ecstatic  (I'm sure by now most of my readers will have realised I love books, and getting books published. Well, now you really know.) The best part is that it is a non-fiction, very funny book. I do love non-fiction books.. And laughing.. So that was good. Plus, the front cover was made by none other than my good friend George, who has already illustrated Sammy Goes Flying. I hope I have sufficiently piqued your curiosity  because I'd be very happy if you went and had a nice good look at the book. It's on Amazon, it's incredibly cheap, and it will brighten up your commute. It is, after all, called 'How To LOVE Commuting'. Besides, it's not like I am biased or anything. I know you've been dying to try out your new tablet or kindle, so go on, get your first download. It's cheaper than a latte, and will probably be a better solution to your fatigue.
You see that miserable commuter opposite you with vacant eyes? He didn't learn to love commuting, and coffee won't fix that empty stare. Lean over to him and be a friend; let him know about the laughs he could have with 'How To LOVE Commuting'.

With all that said, I have one last little bit of news to give: I am working on a collection of short stories (confidence boosted by the fact that my friend has done it), which I hope to publish sometime next year, most likely as an e-book. I promise to keep you all updated and stop being a silent blogger.

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