In Which I Get a Taste of Canada

Hello all!

Today I am writing this post from Texas. It is my first day here, and also the first time I set foot in America, so all in all I'm pretty excited. It is only morning and already rather hot, but I can't wait to use the swimming pool and go see new places.

Travelling here was not as bad as I had expected - I usually get quite bad travel anxiety, but I was remarkably calm once I'd arrived early at the airport. All went smoothly, bag checking, security checking, etc.
The plane was an Air Canada one, which I was happy about.. For my new readers who might not yet know, I have loved Canada since I was 16; at the time it was nearly an obsession.
So I found my seat in the plane, a window seat, and there were not many people so I had two seats for myself, which would come in handy later. I made myself comfortable with my neck pillow and the plane pillow and once the safety announcements had been made, I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. For the first time, believe it or not!
Lunch was alright, pasta and bread and a little entree. Then I watched Mean Girls. This was then the problems started. I had a headache which was getting steadfastly worse, and 23 minutes to the end of the film, I had a full on migraine. Trying not to think too much about how much I felt like I was going to throw up, I spread myself on the two seats and tried to sleep. Thankfully, about 3 hours later my headache had lessened and I watched ten more minutes of Mean Girls whilst eating a chicken fajita wrap, and then we started the landing.

I was now in Toronto. I had seen the CN Tower and the lake as we had descended, and after going through security again (boy the Americans ask a lot of questions!), I was now in transit in Toronto. The CN Tower and the other buildings were visible in the distance. It was so close, yet so far - but the closest I had ever been! Still, it was a little like seeing a display of cakes/sweets/kittens and being denied them. I did however buy myself a magnet and postcards. Then, after hearing my flight would be delayed, I went back and found another shop, and bought myself a maple leaf pin, and some salmon jerky from British Columbia.. The place in Canada I most want to visit! I also had some Tim Horton's coffee and a doughnut.. A tiny taste of the country I so wish to see..

So that is the story of how I spent six hours in Toronto, without really being in Toronto, before flying off to Dallas!

I will most definitely be writing about my Texan adventures, so feel free to come back! And now, to you! Do you have any funny airport stories? Nightmare transits? Which country would you like to visit the most?

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