Visiting Battersea Power Station

Battersea power station
Battersea Power Station 

This weekend was London Open House, and one of the buildings open to the public was Battersea Power Station. Love it or hate it, it is an iconic building. Pink Floyd used it as cover art, and recently it appeared in a Sherlock episode.. I am using these two examples because they interest me personally, but of course it featured in other films - Hitchcock's Sabotage, for example. 
BPS, as I like to affectionately call it, is seemingly a magnet for all types of artists. Personally, I painted it for one of my graded art pieces in college. It pops up in the painting of an artist friend of mine. Michael Collins takes some exciting pictures of it.. There is something for everyone.
Being busy all day yesterday, I only had today left to go. As I got ready this morning, I was told there was a five hour queue - I nearly gave up on the idea. Finally I did set off, and it all turned out pretty well. The queue went through Battersea Park, so we were sandwiched between greenery and the river. How many queues offer fresh air and a stroll in the park? 

Boat on the Thames

"This is the line for Battersea Power Station," a man shouts. "At this point, there is no guarantee you will get in." 
"Should we still wait?" a family ponder.
They end up staying, and do the right thing - the queue advances quickly and we pass the 'estimated three hour wait' and 'estimated two hour wait' checkpoints after around 45 minutes. We pass under Chelsea Bridge. Nearly there!
A group of people give speeches about the station's chimneys, but the queue moves fast and I don't hear the end. We enter the pop-up park, and at this point I know I will get in.

Finally I am inside.

I head up a ramp and outside again.

It has been a very interesting visit, and I head toward the exit.

A mini BPS

All pictures belong to me - please do not repost or re-use

Only an hour and a half after arriving, I have finished the visit and set off home. Soon BPS will be nothing more than another apartment site, and I am very happy I got to see the building in its final moments of dilapidated glory.


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