...Sorry about the title, but I couldn't resist. After all, "en mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît".

Now here's the problem, right now, right here. I can't do what pleases me, because I'm out of ideas. I'm a little sick of poetry (gasp! Did I just say that?) - yes, and let me explain, in the best way I can.

I did not mean for this blog to turn into a poetry blog, but, slowly, it seems to have become so. Of course, a month of poetry did not help take this blog away from that path.

I love poetry, I really do, but there's also so much pressure involved when everything suddenly involves poetry - am I reading enough? Should I keep writing? Submitting? Am I talking about poems well enough?

I basically need a break from all that, all the pressure and 'not good enough' feelings. I may still write poetry for myself, of course, if I get ideas, but I need to get away from the entire publishing idea, and be less involved, at least for a while. This blog was meant to be about literature and art - and I've really let down all my other hobbies.

So yes, I'm taking a little leave of absence from poetry.

I've recently started sewing, and have just about finished a small owl, so will post pictures soon. I think I need to get back to the writing I love, so will attempt that.

For  good example of a blog post I loved, see this one right here, about an evening visiting art galleries. Experiences, art, writing, it was a good mix. I don't want to be stagnant. If I'm going to include poetry in my writing, I need movement, links with the outdoors, events.. I don't know if any of this makes much sense, but hopefully future posts will clarify my points.

So, sorry for my lack of posts since NaPo, but I will get back to writing. Just don't expect everything to be poetry related.


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