No Walk in the Park

I thought I'd go for a brisk walk in the park, but it was raining as I left the bank.

Life here is definitely a lot different, but what else is there to expect? I need more paperwork to open up a 'real' bank account - the card I have only lets me use cash points. I can't pay for train tickets online and it's not practical. I'll need another proof of address.
"Even though I already gave you one to open my first account?" I ask.
The answer is yes. Well, I suppose it's just one of those things. My appointment is for Friday.
I'd planned to go to the park after, but now I'm just not in the mood. I'm not particularly bothered about the light rain, but it's changed the atmosphere. I go to the library instead, and find it closed.
This is the point where I feel very much away from home. I have no 'usual hang out place' here. I could even hop on a bus - they are free - and just go, but it doesn't have the same appeal. What is there to see, anyway, on a rainy Monday, here?

Carrefour is open as usual, thank goodness (so many things close on Mondays), and I have a wander through. Somehow it's nice to look at all the chocolate without deciding to buy any. I look in the book section but nothing strikes my fancy. I wouldn't mind buying the second book in a series I've just accidentally started (I bought book one on a whim, not knowing it was 'book 1' - it looked like a standalone book), but it's not there. In fact, I see nothing by that author - not even book 1. Did I buy the last one?

I follow the train tracks back to the place I should now call home. I can still count on a nice cup of tea.


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