This month I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, like last year. (I managed to get the 50k last year, which was satisfying.) I have also just signed up to another program where the idea is to write a blog post a day. Technically I missed out day one, but I only learnt about it today..
Anyway, this year I have a lot going on, so I don't know how well my novel will go, but the good thing is, unlike last year, I actually have a pretty good plot!
I think this year could be the year I write a fiction novel, and finish it.
I'll keep you updated as I go along. So far, day two is nearly over and I have a little over 3000 words, so I'm slightly behind. I also need to finish an essay before next Friday! I hope it all works out.
Anyway, back to my novel I go!


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