#10 - Don't Paint This Black

Today's prompt is from the PAD challenge.

Don't Paint This Black

Why do clouds stay so long in the sky
When the sun could come out instead?
Why does this phone stay so silent
When you could be calling it instead?
What is this feeling I have, so intense?
Where does this pain come from,
Why won't it go?

You should be there tonight
Through the lens and on the screens
You should hear me tonight
In the tubes and under the boards
But the presence I hope for
Does not appear or even seem to

Ridiculous; This colour I feel.
It's not even black it's not even grey
It's bright and it's yellow and orange
And sometimes a bit brown I'll admit.
Searing. Like hot flashes on a poker.
Malleable metal. 
So please, do what you do best and
Re-shape me before I grow cold.


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