Poems For Day One and Two

I'm slightly behind already, but here are my poems for day one and two of the April poem a day challenge.

The first one is from a prompt called 'on the couch' which I found over here. (It's actually day 2's prompt but I'm sure no one will mind!)

On the Couch

I'm on the couch
Again, same old.
Shadows lengthen,
Night time again.
Sitting on this
Couch again, same old.
Road traffic: my only
I should get up,
Shut the blinds,
Turn on a light.
Instead I sit
On the couch again,
Just like yesterday
and before that -
I think - I think
It's Tuesday now.
If I sit long enough
Maybe you will join me
On the couch, again.

Poem two is from NaPoWriMo's day 2 prompt.


Oh, it's a cold night tonight
Alone here in Vancouver.
That's right - I'm in Canada.
That's the East Coast for you
Useless school dropouts.
Yeah I'm in Canada tonight,
You know, home of the Eiffel Tower.
Oh, it's chilly tonight here
Even huddled in my thick coat,
Walking along the river Thames.
Yeah, the Thames is famous
Here in Vancouver. Touristy.
I could take a boat later
Down to London Bridge.
It's a cold, starless night
Here in Canada. And did you know
Stars are just city lights
From the other side of the world?
It's true, I read it in a book,
Here in the British Library
In Vancouver.


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