National Poetry Month

April has rolled around again so fast, and it's a month for poetry in the USA and Canada.. But even though I live in the UK, I'm still going to make this a poetry month. Last year I attempted to write a poem a day for April, following various forms I learnt about via another website. Those who follow my blog might remember that I didn't quite manage to write a poem each day, but I did manage to learn a few new forms so I was quite satisfied.

This year, I shall attempt the same thing. A poem a day, experimenting with different subjects and forms as suggested by various blogs and websites. I hope to learn a few things with experimentation. It will be mostly quantity over quality, though I will try my best to retain some quality!! I've also had an idea for a poem sitting in my mind for a little while, so hopefully I'll find a nice, suitable form for it this month.

If any of you out there are writing poetry this month, please let me know and if you blog about it, send me a link! Good luck to anyone trying the 'poem a day' challenge, and I hope my readers will enjoy my attempts too.


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