Chemistry Class

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Chemistry Class

We make rocket water bottles
and set our hands on fire without burning them.
Our crazy teacher shouts a lot
And throws pens across the room 
When they don't work.
Chemistry is rather like comedy
And yes I feel smug about being
The only one who understands his swearing
In French.

And that he doesn't know.

But then it's all bonds and ions
and rules and experiments that fail
if you misread by point zero zero
of.. something..

I fill card after card of
info, and revise
test after test struggling
Then forget it all promptly the minute
we move on.

Still I look back
With a smile
Liquids changing colour
Spontaneous combustion
Forget the hours of boring lecture..

I held fire in my hand.


Disclaimer: These are poems I won't be spending a lot of time on. As such, I don't expect perfection (neither do I need it). However feel free to tell me what you think about them, and if you enjoy certain lines more than others - I'm quite OK with constructive criticism!

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  1. LOVE!! The magic of learning when drama takes part!

  2. "I held fire in my hands" Love that...We stuff ourselves with info for tests, but it is one moment drawn from the drudgery we will never forget.

  3. That's the magic! We had a chemistry teacher who threw chalk wipers at unruly students..that's about all I remember of science

    1. Hahaha! I still remember the look on his face when I started speaking to him in French.. lol! Thanks for commenting :D

  4. "test after test struggling
    Then forget it all promptly the minute
    we move on." absolute truth.....and i realyy enjoyed reading "Chemistry is rather like comedy"...nice lines :)

    1. The tests are revision were sooo boring, but the experiments were amazing :) Thanks

  5. OH! How I enjoyed this poem! I LOVE "Forget the hours of boring lecture....I held fire in my hand." The wonder!


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