The Great Catch Up Day - Poem #19

Picture from Wikimedia Commons 

Today, I attempt to catch up and write all remaining poems.. This one is promptless, free verse..


Which Love Do You Choose?

Perhaps love could be like a bowl
Handed down generation to generation
Beautiful and fragile
Do you set it on your shelf
Run the risk of breakage
Or keep it under lock and key
Carefully wrapped but
Hiding the beauty?

I don't choose love's bowl
But rather I prefer love's flowers
That come and go but stay in your mind
Growing wildly on sides of roads
Asking nothing but giving joy
I don't need to hold on to those flowers
To know their value and beauty


Disclaimer: These are poems I won't be spending a lot of time on. As such, I don't expect perfection (neither do I need it). However feel free to tell me what you think about them, and if you enjoy certain lines more than others - I'm quite OK with constructive criticism!

Are you participating in NaPo? Do you write poetry? Feel free to comment below and leave a link to your day one poems, and any general comments you wish to leave.


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