The Great Catch Up Day - Poems #21-23

Lake under the sun - photo by me

Three poems for the price of one..
I went cycling earlier, and enjoyed the sunshine in one of our many London parks, and wrote poems..


Goodbye to April

May around the corner
Once again noses run
Sneezes around but
The sun makes it worthwhile.
The lake shimmers this final
April afternoon. I sit and write poems.


The Dark Side of the Sun

A group of people are cooking a BBQ
and I sit close-by to admire the park
and the beauty of hot spring days.
These are the days where happiness resides
But did you know suicide rates go up in May?


End of Month Haiku

Sparkling sunlit lake
May the other side of Earth
Time to change my life


Disclaimer: These are poems I won't be spending a lot of time on. As such, I don't expect perfection (neither do I need it). However feel free to tell me what you think about them, and if you enjoy certain lines more than others - I'm quite OK with constructive criticism!

Are you participating in NaPo? Do you write poetry? Feel free to comment below and leave a link to your day one poems, and any general comments you wish to leave.


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